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UK Polymer Bank Notes and Polymer Bank Note Verification

Later on in 2016, the Bank of England are introducing a new £5 banknote. Alongside cosmetic changes, including the appearance of Sir Winston Churchill, the new £5 banknote will be the first English banknote to be printed on Polymer banknote paper that will facilitate new and improved security features.

Polymer banknotes are manufactured from a transparent plastic film, specially coated with an ink layer that enables it to carry the printed design features of banknotes. The material allows the inclusion of ‘windows’ or clear portions in the design which enhance protection against counterfeits.

Polymer banknotes are more durable and resistant to dirt and moisture so stay cleaner for longer than paper banknotes. Polymer banknotes are also more environmentally friendly than paper and, because they last up to 4 times longer are, over time, less expensive than paper banknotes

Polymer banknotes are here to stay, with a new polymer £10 featuring Jane Austen due to enter circulation in 2017 and a polymer £20 note featuring J.M.W Turner due by 2020.

Aswell as making sure your existing bank note counters are polymer note ready, retailers and cash handling companies also needing to be thinking about Polymer bank note verification processes. Although the Polymer bank notes will be be a lot harder for the fraudsters to duplicate there will be an uncertain period of 5 or 6 years when both old style paper currency will be in circualtion alongside the Polymer notes. Retailers need to make sure that they and their staff are familiar with the look and feel of the Polymer notes, whilst still being on the look out for fake paper notes.

In conjunction with the Polymer bank note maufacturers we have produced a 100% fool proof, easy to use device to eliminate any doubt from your mind about the authenticity of a UK polymer bank note.

The NV7 Polymer Note Verifier is a portable, hand held, easy to use device developed to check the validity of the polymer bank notes. The NV7 will work with any Polymer currency and has several key benefits for UK retailers:

- Acts as a visible deterent to would be fraudsters
- Easy to use and 100% acurate (developed with the Polymer manufacturers!)
- Instant genuine polymer note verfification (no awkward, embarrassing delays)
- Checks the actual substrate of the Polymer paper (no more looking for watermarks or holograms)
- Gives you and your staff 100% confidence that the starnge new notes are genuine

The NV7 is the only approved device available in the UK for testing the new UK polymer bank notes make sure you have your's in place ready for the new £5 Polymer bank note launch in September by calling us on 08455 192428 or by ordering online from the NV7 UK Polymer Bank Note Verifier product page.