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Best Coin Counters

We are often asked why are there so many different coin counters and coin sorters and which is the best bank coin counting machine for my organisation?

The best coin counter or coin sorter for your organisation will depend on a number of factors:

1. Is My Coin 'Clean'? By clean we don't mean whether Mrs Goggins has spent the weekend spit and polishing the coins making them so shiny you can see your face, we mean clean in the sense that the coin has been pre-authenticated by an automated process. A good example of clean coin would be coins that have been collected from a car park vending machine. As the coins have been through machine one of the potential jobs of a coin sorter - the validation of clean coin and the off-sorting of other coins - has already been carried out.

2. Is My Coin Pre-Sorted? If your coin is pre-sorted into denominations like a till drawer count is, then you don't need to pay for a coin sorter - you just need a coin counting machine. If you are looking to save money and you have the man power you can count and bag the coins by hand and then check the bags prior to banking with one of our coin bag weighing scales. For large volumes of single coin types our single pass coin counters are very popular. As they are working on one coin type at a time then count a lot faster than the coin sorters and can be pre-set with the bag quantities to assist with banking the cash. If your coin is mixed then you need to be looking at a machine which will sort the coins into denominations aswell as count them.

3. How Much Coin Do I Have? Some of the basic coin counters on the market simply won't cope with massive volumes. To give you an idea the entry level CS205 is warrantied for a fair usage of 100,000 coins per year. Sounds like a lot, but if you are doing a weekly coin sort and count that number equates to about 1900 coins. When you then factor in the average coin value of 30p these results in a weekly count of £570. This figure is an estimate and will depend massivley on the value of the coins you accept, so if you are countuing predominately higehr value coins such as £2, £1 & 50p you should get more mileage out of the machine than you would counting 1p's, 2p's & 5p's.

These factors invariably mean that charitable oragnisations including churches, mosques, temples, hospices, animal sanctuaries, disaster appeals, cathederals and other organisations such as students unions, school fetes and festival organisers require the most features from their coin counting and coin sorting machine. The coin is usually from collection pots or buckets and so is very rarely 'clean'. As the coin is collected by hand their is no authentication process, so when the bucket of coin is chucked into the coin sorter hopper it may include not only foreign, damaged or commemorative coin, but also foreign ojects - paper clips, elastic bands and the like. The coin is also not going to be sorted nice and neatly into seperate coin types and hopefully there is a lot of it - a lot more than £570 if your collection has gone well.

In this situation we have only one recommended coin sorter - the CS-730.

The UK designed and manufactured CS-730 coin sorter has flip down coin boxes to enable sorted coins to be tipped directly into the small plastic coin bank bags. This improves productivity dramatically and has proved to be more productive than any other coin sorter in its class! The CS-730 coin sorter uses a 'continual count / sort & batch' method. This means that when one coin drawer is filled, the coin sorter holds that coin type back whilst continuing to process all other coins.


- Sorts, counts & batches 1200 coins in just two minutes
- Large pre-sort inspection tray stops foreign objects entering the coin sorter
- Foreign & damaged coins are automatically off-sorted out of the main count
- Count memory - ideal for the counting of church collection pots
- With thermal printer you can also have a print out of each pots count
- Or can just be easily used to bank all takings

You can read more about the CS-730 coin sorter here.