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Best Cash Counters

There are many different cash counters available in the UK & Europe. At Currency Systems we tested the latest range of cash counters so you don't have to. We have reduced the cash counters down to two categories - 'Best Cash Counter For Budget' and 'Overall Best Cash Counter'.

Best Cash Counter For Budget - Safescan 6165. The Safescan 6165 is the cheapest cash counting scale available in the UK. "Built for a price" in the far east the Safescan 6165 has the capacity for checking your bagged coin quantities and for small quantities of bank notes.

The Safescan 6165 is supplied with mains power adapter as standard and has the option of running off a battery (not supplied). The Safescan 6165 is also supplied with coin tray and has a printer port for connecting to the Safescan thermal printer.

The Safescan 6165 has the capacity to count coins and notes in 13 different currencies as standard (including UK BoE Sterling, Euro's & Swiss Francs) and can be used with the Safescan MCS money counting software. In our experience of using different cash counters, the key with using the 6165 is not to expect too much from a machine selling online at under £150 + vat. If you having experience of using a friction note counter, or a Tellermate or Volumatic money scale you may find 6165 limited, but you must remember the price paid.

All in all, when the purchase price is taken into account the Safescan 6165 is our best budget cash counter money scale. Read more about the Safescan 6165 here.

Best Cash Counter - In our opinion the best cash counter available in the UK today is the Volumatic Count Easy. Volumatic have been designing, manufacturing and improving their flag ship money scale for decades. The latest generation of the Count Easy with the version 3.2 software pre-installed is set up to count the new BoE £1 coin and is also ready for the new £5 and £10 Polymer bank notes.

The Count Easy has the best, most ergonomic keyboard and user display of all the cash counters. Unlike its rivals, the Count Easy is fully portable as it is supplied with re-chargebale batteries and main power supply as standard,

There are a number of other key features which make the Count Easy head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to till drawer cashing up -

Counts loose and bagged coins
Counts loose, banded and sleeved notes
Checks bank bundled notes
Multi-currency - B o E Sterling & Scottish
Simple and easy to use straight from the box
Preprogrammed automatic counting sequences for ease & speed
Auto-add & scroll functionality lets you count a full till drawer in 60 seconds
UK manufacturer helpdesk, support & warranty
5 YEAR WARRANTY & SUPPORT maintained in Britain

Read more about the Volumatic Count Easy here.