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NV4 Counterfeit Money Detector

NV4 Counterfeit Money Detector

IDENTIFY POLYMER & PAPER BANKNOTES SECURITY FEATURES Every modern banknote has integrated UV security features that only show up under ultraviolet light at a certain frequency. The NV4 counterfeit money detector is designed specifically to help you verify these features and identify potentially counterfeit banknotes.

VERIFY ID CARDS & OFFICAL DOCUMENTS Aswell as being ideal for for checking UK & Euro bank notes, the NV4 can also be used to verifying the authenticity of cheques, credit cards, passports, driving licences, travellers cheques & any offcial documents embedded with a fluorescent mark.

FULL POWER UV 2 x 6 watt bulbs giving off a total of 12 watt detection power. Average life span of bulb - 1,000 hours - repeated switching on/off will significantly reduce life span.

BIG VISUAL PRESENCE The NV4 counterfeit money detector is the largest counterfeit note detector in the UK guaranteeing a strog visual presecence of vigilence at your counter - deterring would-be fraudsters passing off fake £20 notes to your staff.

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Price: 29.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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